Workether at the DigitalDUMBO:Montreal Launch

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This week, Workether had the opportunity of attending the first DigitalDUMBO Conference in Canada. The event brings together people from the digital industry with the same goal of learning, teaching, and networking with other people who share their passions for anything digital. Our headquarters in Valencia are the home of DigitalDUMBO Valencia, so we couldn’t miss this launch.

The event took place in Montreal, QC and featured the following speakers:

  • Amber MacArthur, Relentless Adaptation speaker, Best-selling author and writer for Fast Company and Host of AppCentral on CTV
  • Yanick Bédard, Vice-President Production, Associate, Sid Lee Technologies
  • Alido Di Giovanni, President, Summit-Tech
  • Peter Gollan, Vice President Global Marketing, Fiksu
  • Simon Hénault, Fondateur, Linked Québec
  • Jean-Francois Houle, Directeur Creation, Tank
  • JS Cournoyer, Partner, Real Ventures
  • Dominic Audet, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Moment Factory
  • Miriam Leia Bekkouche, Founder, Canadian Technology Accelerator in New York (CTA@NYC)
  • Charles Brun, CEO & Co-Founder, Now In Store
  • Jon Jackson, Executive Creative Director, Huge
  • Nadia Lakhdari, Executive VP Creation & Content, C2MTL

The event tackled many important issues and reminded us of some important values. These are our top 5 favourites:

  1. We must break down barriers and work together for long term goals

  2. Remember the ABC’s of Amber MacArthur; Adapt Quickly, Be Responsive, Create Value

  3. Companies, clients, and customers are all human, regardless of technology so we need to create things that connect people, not just those that exist without any relationships to one another.

  4. Instant large data collection can be available in seconds, so launching many versions of a product/service at once and tracking the audience response is the way to move forward.

  5. Maintain a start-up mentality. Start-ups are not afraid of failure, being innovative, listening and adapting to the needs of their audience. Don’t get too comfortable in large business with slow but steady growth.


At Workether we value learning from others and sharing our experiences with the world to contribute to the global conversation of our digital future.

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